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What happens next?

Parish and Neighbourhood Plans Buckland Newton Community Planning
The draft Neighbourhood Plan is now with the Independent Examiner. To see the plan and supporting documentation please click here. The passage of our plan through the next stages is out of our hands, but if there are no issues and it follows its anticipated course then below are the various stages and their possible dates. However, it may take a shorter or longer time than anticipated.



Anticipated date



Independent examination June/July Independent Examiner to produce report July/August WDDC to consider report and recommend Referendum to go ahead September Referendum of parishioners November Adoption of plan December


Thank you to the many parishioners who have helped and contributed to the Neighbourhood Plan to date. Particular thanks are due to Jacqui Cuff, our previous District Councillor, and Jo Witherden, our Planning Consultant, who has been guiding us through the process.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

A big thank you is due to all who, at one time or another, were members of the Working Group over the last few years for all their hard work. At the last count there were nearly 40 parishioners and others; too many to name individually. Minutes of the Working Group Meetings for 6th October 2014, 10th November 2014, 18th November 2014, 9th April 2015 and 15th October 2015 can be viewed by clicking on the relevant meeting date


To help us produce our Neighbourhood Plan, we have received generous funding from:  Groundwork UK, the Community Development Foundation, West Dorset District Council, and Buckland Newton United Charities. We also thank the many parishioners and local businesses who have so generously contributed from their own pockets. Buckland Newton Parish Council